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Botox for Women

This treatment is used to treat dynamic wrinkles and refresh your look. Prices may vary according to muscle mass, age, skin condition & metabolism. This is only a estimated value.


Botox for Men

This treatment is used to treat dynamic wrinkles and refresh your look. Prices may vary according to muscle mass, age, skin condition & metabolism. This is only a estimated value.


Dermal Fillers

Various types are available according to area filled and individual.


General Consultations


Medical Procedures


Medical Injections


Mesotherapy Treatments

This treatment includes multiple small injections just millimeters into the skin of the face, neck, bust line & hands with specialized formulations from Filorga (containing a customized mixture of vitamins, amino acids and medications). Mesotherapy is used for cosmetic purposes such as spot fat reduction, cellulite removal, face and neck rejuvenation and hair loss. Mesotherapy is a biological and progressive treatment that requires a minimum of 5 to 6 treatments to have successful results.


Medical Peels

This Treatment is indicated for fine lines, acne, pigmentation and dull skin. It will revive the radiance of the skin, refines texture, smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, softens pigmentation and evens skin tone.


Nimue Facial Treatments


Nimue Body Treatments


Kalahari Body Treatments

Unveil lustrously smooth skin with a personalized blend of your desired Kalahari exfoliation medium and hydrating blends of nourishing botanical oils. This is a perfect pre treatment for flawless self tan applications or a truly original desert glow. *Price inclusive of an authentic Kalahari, hand crafted, Ostrich egg bracelet.


Pampering Body Treatments


Nimue Cellulite Treatments


Slimming & Cellulite G5 Machine Treatments

A treatment to improve circulation, cellulite and help with centimeter loss.




Nimue Hand & Foot Treatments


Pampering Hand Treatments


Pampering Foot Treatments


Kalahari Hand & Foot Treatments






Professional Make-up


Tan Can


Infrared Physiotherm Sauna

Infrared saunas contribute to complete stress reduction, relaxation, and all-around better health. It will heal, soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieve mental fatigue and increases blood circulation and metabolic rate. Infrared saunas help to maintain clear, healthy skin with superb detoxifying and purifying effects.


Spa Packages


Aesthetic Medical Packages


Nail Bar

The Bio sculpture System is a leading Gel Nail System. This system offers a complete range of Gel products that vary from a very flexible to a solid finish according to your preference. Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible, strengthens & conditions them and keeps your manicured looking good long after application.


Medi Pedi Treatments

This revolutionary paramedical foot treatment is like no other treatment on the market. It provides a superior solution to dry, cracked and calloused feet. It is strongly advised that this treatment is followed by home care (NeoStrata Problem Dry skin Cream) and follow up treatments on a regular basis to maintain the success of this treatment. This treatment includes a Foot soak, Exfoliation and Removal of dead skin, Cuticle care and Nail shaping, NeoStrata Glycolic Peel (50 or 70%), Foot Massage & a Cuticle hydration Treatment.